BEAT POLLUTION 101 We can tackle the pollution problem in a variety of ways. However, each method has its own advantages and challenges.
THE MYTHS ABOUT RECYCLING Myths about recycling plastics continue to abound. Contrary to popular belief, all plastics ARE recyclable. There is no proof that plastics cause cancer and the use of materials like paper, aluminium as packaging actually has a greater adverse effect on environment.
WHAT WE DO? How Can We Recycle Plastics In India, our mindset of ‘don’t waste’ helps us reuse a substantial percentage of plastic products. PET bottles are washed and reused as water bottles and plastic containers are rejigged as storage in the kitchen. Toys and furniture are sold and reused.
Extended Producer Responsibility EPR essentially means producers take on the responsibility for managing the waste generated at the products' end of life. EPR can play a vital role in sending materials back into the circular economy circle.
Plasticulture Plasticulture is the use of plastic in agriculture. This science can help saving water, nutrients and protecting plants from insects, disease etc. and offer innovative packaging solutions.

Beat Pollution.

The fight against pollution requires each one of us to do our bit. Step by step. Day by day. And the difference will be seen.