Plasticulture - planting under plastic

1 minute read 2020-12-24

Know everything about the usage of plastics in agriculture, horticulture, water and food management.

Plasticulture is the application of plastics in agriculture, horticulture, water-management, food grains storage and related areas.

This deployment of plastics can conserve water, increase irrigation efficiency, improve crop protection and add value to storage and transportation.  We have to ensure that we produce enough food to feed a rapidly growing population - so much so that we need another green revolution. And Plasticulture may just about usher that in. 

The multiple benefits of plasticulture include

Moisture conservation.  Water saving. Reduction in fertilizer consumption. Protection of plants from insects. UV stabilisation to cool soil.  Elimination of photosynthetically active radiation to prevent weed growth.

Common Application of Plastics in Agriculture. 

Greenhouses Low tunnels Irrigation Pipes Plastic mulch. Soil fumigation film. Irrigation drip tape/tubing. Small tunnel covers / Row coverings. Nursery pots and silage bags.

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