Oceans - the depth of plastic pollution

1 minute read 2020-12-15

Is plastic to be blamed or is it the human tendency to mindlessly dispose of single-use plastics?

Tragic Consequences on Marine Life.

Plastic waste kills marine life in two ways: by entangling with objects like fishing gear, largely made from synthetic fibers and filaments and by being eaten by fish mistaking plastic waste as food. While the above facts are enough to make any sensible person ask questions, it is equally important to ask the right questions in the first place:

Is plastic to be blamed for such devastating loss or is it the human tendency to mindlessly dispose off plastic products after use?

Mindles disposable of plastic products are responsible for such a huge environmental toll. Just look around you, they are everywhere. Wrappers. Straws. Bags. It is interesting to note that half the plastic waste that is dumped in oceans is generated by just 5 countries: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. While the governments are doing their best to create awareness through campaigns and by offering incentives for recycling, the situation is becoming more and alarming by the day.

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